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Junior & College Hockey
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I too have worked a long time and have enough money. But you can't argue the system is unlike any other sport and maybe it needs fixing. A kid my son played high school hockey with is a good athlete and pretty much had his choice of go play lacross now at a D-1 school or go and follow the hockey dream and play juniors and hope you stay healthy and get a D-1 deal. Well the lacrosse school stepped up first and offered his a scholarship and away he goes off to college. No other sport thinks its 'normal' or expected to show up at 21 years old as a freshmen. And to do this for a D-3 spot is totally silly.
I don't know about other sports. An awful lot of football players seem to have a few years under their belt when they graduate, though.

Basketball is even more broken, with its "one and done" rule. It's ruined the sport in that there is no continuity at the NCAA level and no true development system at the pro level.

College baseball? Do you ever watch? Ever? Maybe that sport SHOULD follow hockey.

Obviously we aren't going to agree. I have no issue with Junior Hockey. It gives kids an opportunity that didn't always exist. If it isn't for your kid, send him to school. Nobody's got a gun to anyone's head.


Maybe someone should ask the Islanders organization how three of their NCDC players who were committed to DI programs before arriving their, are no longer committed to those schools or any other DI program. it must be that quality development competition they are paying for?
Which players?


Call it the EJHL, USPHL, NCDC, whatever. It was all third-rate third-tier fake junior hockey.

As for the evil that is 21-year-old freshmen in NCAA hockey, they have to go. I was a big proponent of the Big Ten age proposal that was brought up two years ago and it's time to revisit that. I don't have the numbers, but I'd bet that the graduation rate for hockey is far behind other sports due to the 21 year old frosh.