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Re: 6,000 fans show up for an ACHA game!

What a great experience you can have playing club hockey in college especially at rival D1 schools. Then again most D1 and D# players play at a higher level of play for the love of the game and not how many fans show up to watch them. Club is a good option for the player right out of hs who does not want to make the commitment of junior hockey for 1-2 years and still likes to play. In the end 99% are all going to have to get real jobs in the real world and hockey will be over other than mens and beer leagues which are also fun . To each his own and enjoy the ride!!!

Re: 6,000 fans show up for an ACHA game!

Mr. “D-3 is the best hockey experience going” must be livid! Hahaha, 6,000 fans will cover your boys whole 4 year career combined with a few thousand left over!
6000 people who don't know what good hockey looks like?