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Re: NCDC???

I see kids with D-I commits doing these Tier II and Tier III junior leagues and I shake my head. Obviously if a Hockey East coach called a USHL team they would make a spot for a kid. And I would think too having a kid who came off of a) living out of his house for a year or two, b) playing a 60 game schedule, c) playing against the best players in the states d) playing in front of 3,000 - 4,000 fans some nights would put a kid miles ahead of where he would be when he stays here. What are these kids / parents / coaches thinking when they keep kids here?
There are only so many roster spots in the USHL. A d1 coach can get the player a real look but that does not mean the kid will stick or play much. If they get cut or habe limited playing time then NAHL, BCHL, AJHL, CCHL, NCDC puck up players.

Very, very competitive out there. When we had the ejhl, it was a good alternative for many d1 prospects. Hopefully NCDC continues the trend
And, a D-I commit isn\\\'t what it used to be.

Plus, USHL is bringing more international players in.

Net net, increased demand, shrinking supply.
Lets see the reality of this NCDC.....
-Have lost as many or more commits than gained in first year. Thats a fact!
-No USA hockey affiliation and college coaches do care. They want that USHL or NAHL pipeline. They don\'t burn bridges.
-zero attendance unless you count grandma
-Tier? Well we don\'t really know. We will call ourselves a different name every year.
-Word is youth parents are becoming wise to the scheme.
-Zero positive press unless you count the same clown who is a scout/advisor/reporter/coach from the Junior Hockey News rag of a magazine.

If someone has real numbers please share, otherwise they are no better than EHL. EHL at least doesn\'t try to be something its not. I may want a Porsche, but in reality I have a Chevy. Just because I stick a Porsche emblem on it, realistically its still a \$hitbox Chevy.
Blah blah blah, all said 50 times before.
Nice to see you finally agree.

Re: NCDC???

It's a crap league

Re: NCDC???

It's a crap league
Well, I can't find fault with such a compelling case stated so eloquently!

Crap it is, then! Dilly Dilly!