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Re: BC Announces Cuts This Fall

And BC was / is too committed to connected kids.

They tried an experiment and it failed. That's pretty much the whole story.

Re: BC Announces Cuts This Fall

York gone after next year’s losing season....1/2 commits will be gassed, rebuild...

Re: BC Announces Cuts This Fall

BC will win Hockey East this year.

Re: BC Announces Cuts This Fall

The "top" hockey schools (BC, BU, MN, MI) rely too much on NTDP players who come in much younger than the players at the teams that now win championships (MN-D, Denver, Quinnipiac, Yale). The Big Guys have to realize that you can't win with a team full of superstars--you need some role players to do the dirty work. [They might want to watch Miracle a couple times.] By making these cuts BC is just trading one group of early stars for another. They will continue to lose until they get back to playing big boy hockey. Having a couple 20 year old freshmen D over 6 feet tall might be a good start.