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Re: NHL Draft

So after all the league spats, after all the this team, that team, Prep vs FS, it comes down to 4 kids per year!
Enjoy the ride Dads, it’s over quick.
I realize you're being sardonic, but it's way more than four kids. Only 200 kids are drafted, and that's from a global population. Tons more than that have "meaningful" hockey experiences beyond HS, including college and being paid to play.

I talked with my kid last night - this is his draft year, these are his peers, his teammates, his classmates. He won't be among them, but he commented that the margin of difference between the kids getting drafted today and the next few thousand is razor thin. It comes down to being willing to work harder than the next kid and taking advantage of opportunities when they present themselves.

Sort of like the rest of life...

Re: NHL Draft

It also helps to be a legacy

Re: NHL Draft

Five it was. Good call by the poster on Callahan.

Re: NHL Draft

Actually 7, Gorman and R. Hughes in late rounds