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Re: can someone explain junior hockey

Re: can someone explain junior hockey

Local JR Hockey is where local kids go for a year or two (8-10K per year) before going to Fitchburg State or working at the local skate shop.
Ummm, yeah, well, ummm, there are those NCDC and NAHL things that are tuition free and lead to pretty good college opportunities, including D-I.

And, candidly, most of the kids playing Tier III juniors aren\\\'t college material anyway, from what I\\\'ve seen.
Most of the NCDC doesn\'t lead to any decent college opportunities as well.
Doesn't matter what happens in "most" of the NCDC. The locals have been putting people into BU, Union, Quinnipiac, etc etc.

Keep hating. Meantime, the league's reputation is growing and the scouts are there.
Yes, they do need 3rd and 4th liners to fill out their programs, or for most of them, watch from the stands