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College Walk ons

I have a question related to "walk-on" for college hockey D3 programs. How many teams actually take a walk on for there hockey program. My kid wants to switch colleges and the new one does not have a club team. He states he should be able to walk-on, but I don't think that is possible?

Re: College Walk ons

It's tough. Most D3 schools have long rosters. Recruited kids get first crack as freshmen. Can't be just as good. Need to stand out. Given he's not recruited makes it unlikely that he will.

Re: College Walk ons

I’d have to agree. I don’t think it’s possible. Look at the D3 rosters around here. Littered with “kids” from Europe, Canada, and out of staters. And 21/22 year old freshmen who have aged out of Jrs and just can’t give it up. I couldn’t believe the schools either. I’m talking Framingham, Fitchburg, and Westfield State. Endicott had 3 D1 transfers. Look at this way, the crazy youth programs were recruiting my 7 year old going from Mite Minor to Major. The whole thing is out of whack. My oldest is a 17 year old girl. She’s pretty good, not elite, and all the D3 schools were just waiting for the contact period to open so they could talk to us. And that’s girls. I’m assuming your son currently plays club because you said the new college doesn’t have a club team. You may want to email the coach or call the Athletic department to see if there are any options but I wouldn’t know about that as I’ve never had the experience.

Re: College Walk ons

Have the kid contact the coach and maybe he can see him play in the next few months - even summer league if it's good. Or see if the kid knows any of the players currently on the team who will work as references for him. It's not like a coach will say no to taking a look at a kid who is going to be on campus anyway. Not a hard recruiting project.

Re: College Walk ons

Other than the NESCAC schools that will take a large portion of their roster right out of Prep, 99% of the remaining D3 schools take age out junior players, meaning 21-year old freshman.

Re: College Walk ons

Gonna assume your kid played somewhere prer/Jrs/etc, have the coach from that team make a call to the current coach where the kid wants to transfer.

Worst case kid can probably find a men's league to play in, most end up there eventually.