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Junior & College Hockey
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Re: College Walk ons

Have the kid contact the coach and maybe he can see him play in the next few months - even summer league if it's good. Or see if the kid knows any of the players currently on the team who will work as references for him. It's not like a coach will say no to taking a look at a kid who is going to be on campus anyway. Not a hard recruiting project.

Re: College Walk ons

Other than the NESCAC schools that will take a large portion of their roster right out of Prep, 99% of the remaining D3 schools take age out junior players, meaning 21-year old freshman.

Re: College Walk ons

Gonna assume your kid played somewhere prer/Jrs/etc, have the coach from that team make a call to the current coach where the kid wants to transfer.

Worst case kid can probably find a men's league to play in, most end up there eventually.