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Re: BC racism incident

wait what
Hockey East ‘unable to determine the source’ of alleged racist remarks

On Wednesday, Hockey East investigated \\\"a potential racist incident\\\" that occurred during last Friday\\\'s opening quarterfinal game between Boston College and Providence.

College Hockey News first reported the incident, which was identified as a remark directed at Providence junior forward Vimal Sukumaran from an Eagles player. Game officials were made aware of the situation, but Hockey East released a statement on Wednesday night saying that \\\"the matter is considered closed\\\" following completion of the investigation.

In the statement, Hockey East Commissioner Joe Bertagna said in part, \\\"While we are aware some inappropriate remarks were made between players on the ice, we were unable to determine the source of the remarks with the degree of certainty necessary to take further action at this time.\\\"

The College Hockey News report also indicated that the day\\\'s investigation was slowed because audio evidence of the situation was not available.
Actually everyone on the ice knew what was said and by whom, it\'s funny that the officials didn\'t do anything (BTW, the officiating was brutal that game). York had an opportunity to do the right thing, he didn\'t. Karma payback is a ******
well if EVERYONE knew what and who said it --- hummmmm that would mean the other a/k/a the victimized team did as well and said or did nothing as well. where's my [tin] foil [hat].
They did

Re: BC racism incident