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Re: New England Knights Purchase NA3HL team

Take a look at the NA3 Generals roster the past couple of years - almost all players NOT born and bred BA. Sorry try again!
Which is the knock on the NA3. They. Just. Don't. Advance players to the NAHL. So, all the players on the NA3 team that signed, hoping they would be, are SOL.

In the meantime, BA advanced 17 kids for at least a game that were NOT on the NA3 team.

It would be helpful if you would do a little research before trying to develop and argue your points.

Re: New England Knights Purchase NA3HL team

BA advanced 17 players? Please list them out for everyone to see!

And maybe they advanced because they were better players than those on the NA3........just sayin'

Re: New England Knights Purchase NA3HL team

Most non idiots know the Generals have a NA3 team which is better than the crap in USPHL premier and elite. And the hatred for Generals and Lovell is laughable as is your inability to understand that the Generals and Lovell are separate organizations with different owners.
NA3 not as good as USPHL-P