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Re: Generals Player Arrested

It’s Johnstown for god sake‘s. Brothers and sisters mating.

Saying that, JL needs to control his bench and this kid has been a hothead for a very long time. Hopefully it doesn’t cost him his scholarship but not good to have on your rap sheet.

Hey Lovell’s, be better.

Re: Generals Player Arrested

Lost in all of this according to people that were there from both fan bases:

Johnstown Fans continually swearing at the Generals players (you can see them flipping them off after goals in replays), throwing beer at them, calling them homophobic slurs and the entire rink chanting at them.

Charges were actually filed against the man that started it. There were over 75 fans on either side of the "gate" one man yelled Fa***t, spit in the players face and said I am going to kill you. More beer was thrown, the fence started to cave in and the player lashed out hitting it once. The man fell on the child injuring the child. The child was at the next game and was fine. The adult made a historic recovery and was also at the game looking fine.

The security in that arena is a joke and all could have been avoided if the fan that instigated it would have been ejected when he threw the first thing on the ice, tried to get after the refs in between the 1st and 2nd period or when he called the Generals players homophobic slurs in between the 2nd are 3rd with his face against the fence.

The player shouldn't have hit the fence but from what I was told it was a crazy scene and players were in genuine fear of the mob and the people waiting at their bus for them as well.

Junior Hockey! At least the Generals apologized. Nothing from the Johnstown end.
Thanks Joe.

Re: Generals Player Arrested

Refs need to get a grip and clear the ice when the fans are stupid. Coaches and league needs to crackdown.

Re: Generals Player Arrested

Old time hockey boys