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Re: BCH "C" leaves D-III for Tier III

And you care for what reason. Where would one even find something like this unless being a total troll.
Funny, you\\\'re on the D Board and you\\\'re calling someone a troll?

It was announced by the team he signed with on Twitter. Not exactly \\\"trolling.\\\"

Unlike you, I find that news to be a bit interesting.
Actually, this is not interesting at all. Most junior teams would kill D-III college teams. The kid is probably looking for a better college opportunity then waste his eligibility at D-III school he is currently at. What D-III college is he leaving?
Most Junior teams? Which Junior teams? There are no Tier III Junior teams that would beat Babson. Your completely ignorant.
Ah, the D Board classic "Your completely ignorant." Never gets old.

But, he's right. Path is Tier III to D-III, Tier II to (mostly) D-I some D-III, Tier I to D-I or pro.

I'm sure there are some really bad D-III teams out there than an EHL team could beat. but, that's an isolated case.

And going D-III to Tier III is like JO'B going from Providence to Penticton. It's not a step up, it's a retrench while he sits out his transfer year.

Re: BCH "C" leaves D-III for Tier III

Player? Teams?