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Re: U20 Battle of Boston & Pre-Draft

Good question.

My kid's in the Pre-Draft. My premise is, it will be the more scouted event. But, there are barriers.

Pro-Am tournaments have a lot of teams. A LOT of teams. Three venues, so who knows who will be where. Two of his games are on Friday, and exposure is generally less on Fridays. The third is is on Saturday at 7:10 AM. In Canton. Then, if his team wins their division, the first playoff game is 7:10 AM Sunday. Ditto on limited exposure.

The Battle of Boston is at a single venue, has fewer games, and doesn't have ridiculously early game times. But, when the original schedule came out, it was 24 teams. Now it's 19. Doesn't bode well for the quality of play that five teams dropped out the week before the tournament.

Your reasons may be different than ours. We wanted to make a connection with the head scout of a single junior program, so we accepted an invitation to play for the team he organizes. So, we've gained the exposure we were looking for. Anything else is gravy.

But, being a random kid at either event, the odds aren't great. Same for the Chowder Cup.

We're heading north, Three events, one next weekend (four teams, all run by Junior A scouts), one in June (very well known tournament in Toronto, draws every scout in Eastern Canada and most of the other regions, too), one in July (smaller, focused but well scouted camp). The opportunities to be seen by good junior teams is much better doing these than individual team camps.

Hope that helps.