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Re: NCDC Changes

Mad? Calling out your bs makes me happy.
But your wrong..sooooo.. your sad?
Nope, still not.

Re: NCDC Changes

You think USA Hockey shares money with teams? So what they write a check to the Generals? Hahahahaha.

Also the NAHL has no reason or need to do anything with the NCDC. Why would they? Different leagues, different models. Not saying NCDC is bad or NAHL is awesome but they are competing with each other. And it looks like the NAHL is winning so why would they join forces? On the other hand the NCDC has a model that works for some of the teams and they are still filling their youth and pay to play teams so why would they go away from that?

This post makes less than no sense.

As for teams adding other teams like the Generals adding full season teams. Of course profits will help offset NAHL losses. But if you think that will get them to a break even point alone you are crazy. From the signings I have seen online they are doing fine but they are only charging $8,500. That isn't going to make them rich.
As I said, yes they are subsidized.