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Re: Priorities

Why is this on the Junior and College Hockey board?
Because the Masters brothers are letting their junior program go to seed while sending Diaper Dandies to Canada. U18, Premier and Elite were poorly coached, bereft of talent, and poorly run. They should be able to sign anyone they want.

It's where the money is, I get it, but we need better junior hockey options in NE more than we need good 6-year old hockey.

Plus, the parents on the Kiddie Board won't understand why it's a ridiculous premise.

Re: Priorities

Off topic but which is better hockey, Premier or U18?

Re: Priorities

U18 in T1EHL or NAPHL, Not USPHL though.

Re: Priorities

Aren't the Giants in the NAPHL? Curious why everyone rags on them if they are in a better league than Kings, Bruins, Islanders etc...

Re: Priorities

Their u18 teams have been good for last 2 years so not sure who rags on them. Sending a fair amount of players to Gens and other NAHL teams