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Re: Boston University lands Jay O’Brien

just saying
Kid/Family/Advisor all screwed up by not having him play a year or two of juniors before going to PC...
yes they did, oh wait first round draft pick, if that's 'screwed up'...

and anyone seriously think that the Flyers are not heavily involved in the route he is choosing?
You can be a 1st round draft pick and still have "screwed up." No guarantees, even for 1sr rounders, and the difference between a 1st rounder that makes The Show and one that doesn't is millions. Even in their ELC.

Re: Boston University lands Jay O’Brien

Maybe the Flyers and JOB come here to the Dboard to see what we think he should do and take that into consideration?

Re: Boston University lands Jay O’Brien

You mean play prep hockey against 15 year olds doesn't get you well prepared to play college hockey against 25 year olds? Hmmm, who would have thought? :upside_down_face: