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Re: Merrimack College Hockey

No offense but Merrimack isnt a destination many hockey players dream of. Borek came in and cut a ton of kids which is fine but they have also tossed a huge net recruiting and put out tons of offers to anyone that has interest and now they have too many recruits which also come to a head eventually as well. I get that Borek has to be aggressive recruiting to get kids to Merrimack but having a ton of recruits isnt always ideal either.
Is SB really bringing in 20 freshman this year? Sounds like he doesn't trust his own recruiting...bring em in by the masses and hope a few work out. What a mess.
You have no idea on what your talking about.

Re: Merrimack College Hockey

Its a really tough job. Now you see how good of coach Mark D was. They made a mistake.
Mark D pushed the program forward the right way, with integrity. unfortunately thats not the case anymore, dont know this new coach, sounds like he's the opposite of MD. I hope he has a winning season because he ran over a lot of people to get there.