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Re: College credit during Jr Hockey

I guess it’s hard as a teacher to wrap my head around a player graduating High School and not continuing their education while playing Jr Hockey for a year or 2 and then getting back into it. I support the hockey decision 100% and education 100%. Going to be an interesting decision.
Not sure about you, but I worked for six years before going back to B School. Didn\\\'t miss a beat.
Many of us did, but we were working not playing hockey for those years.
My point was we were not full-time or even part-time students, but when it came time to transition back, it wasn't difficult.

Every kid is different. One kid could lose interest, another could benefit from the break from the academic routine.
I'm sure we both used our brain at work a lot more than these kids do at hockey. That was my point. Professional world back to school is an easier transition than hockey back to school.