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Re: What was your recruiting process like?

You need to provide some additional details on what types of schools are reaching out and and where your kid is really at. If he\'s 17 and doens\'t have an NHL agent/advisor one year from being draft eligible then I\'m wondering if you are talking D1 schools or D3?

If D3 schools are reaching out then I\'m sure any parent can manage that process without an advisor.

If it\'s D1 then I\'m wondering why you have not been approached by NHL agents. They cast their nets pretty wide. If it\'s D1 then which USHL team has drafted him?

Things are not adding up.
Its D1 Schools, all Hockey East. He was not drafted by a USHL team but we have now (this week) heard from 2 about invites to their "final" camps. Its so confusing. We have heard from 3 local advisors but no NHL agent.
So, while unusual for you to approach a NHLPA certified agent, it's not unheard of. His coach or AD or a skills coach he works with may be able to help make that connection.

As for the USHL training camps, extremely unlikely an undrafted/untendered player makes a USHL team, but it wouldn't be the first time, and it certainly could open the door to being drafted or tendered if he shows well, even if he doesn't make the team.

Problem is, it costs, with no reasonable prospect of there being any ROI, and he'll only get to be seen by one team. If the cost or time away from whatever his commitments here are create an issue, just keep doing what you're doing, and see where it goes.

Re: What was your recruiting process like?

If he has D1 interest and I'm presuming he is a junior so you can freely communicate with colleges so that's good. You don't need an agent for that. Now if he is a repeat that might be the reason there isn't as much going on agent wise because he's draft eligible next year and probably not on any radar or scouting lists.

Anyway, there was an artical in NEHJ some time back on the most influential people in NE hockey. In that artical are a few agents mentioned. Matt Keater, Kent Hughes and Peter Fish. I would reach out to them. I'm sure if you are resourceful you can get their contact information. Ask them to take a look at your kid and ask for feedback. If they like what they see they will gladly be your kids "advisor". If he really doesn't project to them as an NHL player then at least you know. But I'd say at this point that if you have Hockey East schools reaching out then they would be interested. It costs them nothing and if your kids a late bloomer then they win down the road.

In terms of USHL I would wait till next year. Going out there this late is not a good scenario. If he makes a team he is probably a 4th liner. If he's cut then it's very disruptive to the school year. Just not a lot of upside to trying to make the jump at this time. If he's a D1 kid he'll be drafted in the spring and then you have time to investigate options.

Re: What was your recruiting process like?

I'd reach out to Darren Orr as well.