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Re: USPHL teams folding

Thanks for sharing. Now all the bubble players not dressing for games on other organizations know where to go to get playing time.
I know /s was fully on display in your post, but the issues plaguing programs that find themselves short of number in September won't go away just because they get more players. Any GM or coach that starts the year without enough players should be fired. Players and families made commitments, and now they're screwed.

Same on the opposite end, with teams bringing 30 - 40 kids into camp. Even at the lower Tier III levels. If a family is lied to by a Tier I or II program, odds are he's good enough to find a spot the next rung down. Kid shows up first day of practice for USPHL Elite or EHLP and there are 20 F or 11 D, where's he going to go?

Junior hockey is a **** show. Liars and con men. It's unconscionable, really. No better than used car salesmen.

Re: USPHL teams folding

Throw Knights NA3, Giants u18 and Generals u18 in the same article.