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Better option NA3HL or USPHL Elite??

What league is better in the eyes of college recruiting? NA3 funnels into NAHL but USPHL Elite gives him a shot at Premier and hopefully NCDC if he develops.

Re: Better option NA3HL or USPHL Elite??

Very VERY few kids go from NA3 to the na. The jump is too big.

USPHL Elite is dying in this area. IHC doesn't even have a team and it's RG's league. Has really fallen off the last two years.

EHLP is also bad but the EHL is where you want your kid to be for colleges. Slots between USPHL Premier and NCDC.

Biggest issue by far of all those leagues is numbers. Some teams fon't have enough, some teams have too many and don't dress 5-8 skaters.

Pick based on coach and development first, numbers second, league third.

Re: Better option NA3HL or USPHL Elite??

No brainer, USPHL elite as long as it's the Florida division. But if you are looking for honesty the better option would be to go to school, play club and have fun.

Re: Better option NA3HL or USPHL Elite??

People please, if your kid is playing at one of these levels, the only college hockey he is going to play will be Club, if he is lucky. Stop drinking the koolaid, let your kid get on with his life.