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Re: NAHL is getting diluted

Very accurate. TL all about his kids teams and certain players.

Angry Joe is just a little runt bitter that he never got bigger than a Bantam, didn’t have a hockey career and had to live in the shadows of his very mediocre never made it brother...

Angry Joe showing true colors with what he is doing with Knights Juniors and Giants Midgets. Embarrassing
So...what you're saying here is people think little of him:joy:

Re: NAHL is getting diluted

I like how you made a little humor there

Re: NAHL is getting diluted

It's part of the plan to make USAH path a better choice over CHL. Look for USHL to allow expand the allowance for roster spots to more Canadian/Euro players per team. That ups the talent level in USHL and pushes more players to NAHL. So theoretically it shouldn't dilute the talent level if imports increase.

Re: NAHL is getting diluted

NAHL's biggest competition is with BCHL. More kids, even from New England are going that route. Kids who maybe can make a USHL roster as a 3/4 liner are opting to try BCHL for top 2-line opportunities.

Re: NAHL is getting diluted

Correct, why? WAY better fan base due less concentration of pro and college teams and economic model much better for owners

College is primarily competition for Junior hockey in Northeast.