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Re: Advancement to NCAA Hockey

The question is why not? It costs the school nothing to get a commitment and keep other schools away. If the player pans out they have the inside track. If he doesn't, they quietly say you'll never play here and the kid decommits.

It's not brain science.
And the whole time he's off limits to others schools where he may be a fit.

Which the parents are too blind to see. They're too busy trading in their youth team jacket for a college jacket so when people ask, they can yes, "yes, my bender has a commitment."

It's all detrimental to the kids. Which is why it's not allowed any more.
Not really. Lots of kids decommit as well when something better comes along. They are no more locked in than the school if they find a better fit or more money elsewhere.

Seems the only ones belly aching about it are the parents of kids who don't have an offer.