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Re: Taking Hypocrisy Up A Notch

Oh, this is rich!


People have accuse me of being a hypocrite for only publishing college commitments from leagues that pay me. Recognizing there's some truth to that, I'm now willing to publish commitments if YOU pay me, too.

This from a guy that is touting the merits of European juniors as a better alternative to those money-grubbing owners of Tier III programs, while being a money-grubbing owner of a European junior team.

Hey, what's worth doing is worth doing for money!
I see no hypocrisy in his brief "article". He basically says, "I post press releases from sponsors", I'll post others if they come directly from the team/league but if I have to type up the press release for you, I'm going to charge for the service. Where is the hypocrisy? To me he's being open and transparent