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Re: NCAA grants spring athletes an extra season of eligibility

They won’t. There is a limited number of over-agers to begin with so they are aren’t going to back up the whole system for a few.

Re: NCAA grants spring athletes an extra season of eligibility

It's not on the table. Just because some podcast says it is doesn't matter. What matters is the NCAA which is getting enough blowback on the spring sports. Schools are ******* Coaches are ******* Recruits are *******

Spring sports are not money makers yet schools are going to have to fund additonal scholarship money for money losing sports at a time where many don't know how attendance will shake out in the fall. Many schools rely on full tuition paying international students. That will decline. Football and football revenues will in all liklihood be disrupted.
To pile on, a number of colleges and universities have come out and said "sorry the NCAA may be giving you an extra year but we cannot". Scholarships, rosters, etc., it was a nice idea and great optics for the NCAA but difficult to implement in the real world.

As for how it impacts hockey, the only thing you might see is a few of the college juniors opting to come back for their senior year since they aren't gaining the advantage of burning off a year of pro by playing a few games in the NHL at the end of this season. (This is assuming there are no more NHL games this year.)