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Re: Commitment Question

There are 20 kids dressed per game. There are 28 or 29 kids on the team roster on the web site. There are 18 paid scholarships.

Call it what you want but there is a depth chart or practice squad of kids who are “committed”. They practice but don’t get money and don’t play unless there are a number of injuries.
The 18 full scholarships are usually divided between most of the team, some kids get full scholarships, some get 3 for 4\'s, 2 for 4\'s, etc.
Actually no the kids at the bottom of the roster are not givin athletic schlarships as it allows them to use financial aid which is usually much more than what the coach can allocate to them but thanks for sharing your nawlidge.
You're both right - the scholarships are divided across MOST of the team - 1 for 4s are way more common than 4 for 4s at most D-I schools, and the kids at the bottom of the roster don't get athletic money.

There's an underlying point that I think a lot of parents miss, though - grades do matter. Most kids are going to get more money from schools through academic aid than athletic scholarships. If your kid is a plus hockey player AND a plus student, it makes them more attractive to schools. They can use athletic money on other players, and they can use your kid's grades and test scores to bring the team averages up.