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Junior & College Hockey
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Re: Junior and College Eligibility

So, if D1 hockey is possibly in peril, what are the chances D3 hockey will happen ?

Re: Junior and College Eligibility

So, if D1 hockey is possibly in peril, what are the chances D3 hockey will happen ?
My understanding is that D-III sports are funded as part of an institutions ongoing budget through a combination of tuition and fees. So as along as enrollment is steady, everything should be fine. Where you could see a potential issue is with state colleges. For example, about 50% of the UMASS Amherst athletic budget is direct funded by the Commonwealth, the rest is fees all students pay. (UMASS produces less than $2 million in combined sports revenue on a nearly 40 Million annual athletic budget.) With tax receipts coming in woefully under expectations this year, combined with an expanded state payroll for Contact Tracing and additional emergency spending it's likely next years budget gets a big ole ax taken to it. I realize UMASS is a hackorama for political refugees but I don't think it's too far fetched to believe their athletic funding might be impacted.

Re: Junior and College Eligibility

All I know is that in 80s I chose a college and was going to play there. The last minute they cancelled their hockey program due to budget cuts and it never returned. Sucked big time. Wish all the kids better luck now.

Re: Junior and College Eligibility

Endicott or Babson or Bowdoin hockey are not funded by football.. Babson does not have it.. the schools that do have football are funded by football but not spectators, students. There are no scholarships, so a D3 school like Endicott gets guaranteed tuition and housing revenue (near 50k) multiplied by about 100.. near five million guaranteed each year from football. Let's say it costs at least half a million or more to operate it and we'll be generous.. say half the team are getting "academic" scholarships... That's over a million for one athletics program. If these things don't happen, and those students don't come to school, that's a lot of money they are expecting to get that disappears.

You can do the same thing with Babson's 25+ hockey players multiplied by estimated cost of attendance (over 70K). That's over a million per year coming to the school, guaranteed by the coach bringing in hockey players. If sports does not happen D3 will be hurt but not because of spectators