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Re: Danbury NAHL

I agree. But unfortunately as we all know most coaches are chosen over their resume and connections, instead of their abilities and moral compass.

Re: Danbury NAHL

I\'m not sure of his current status with Legacy, as that would require me to 1. care and 2. talk to the scumbag. If he was let go, it was probably before he started coaching in the Federal League. Either way, makes no difference to me.
If he were your kid’s coach, you SHOULD care. Your kid’s not fully formed yet. He’d still be a role model.

Plus a big part of your kid’s experience will be based on his decision-making. A strong moral compass is a huge part of personal integrity.
If it were my kid, I wouldn't think of letting him play for that coach regardless of what happened with that coach's former employer, so the point is moot.