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Re: 2020-2021 D3 hockey

Sadly it's the non-freshmen that are getting the worst deal and would want to skip a year.

I am so glad I don't have to make this call but for the parents who do it must be a nightmare. Even if you don't have to pay for room and board it's ~$60k for online classes and no sports. That seems crazy to me.

But if they don't let you do it and you have to leave then having to transfer and worry about acceptance somewhere else and finding a home on a team somewhere else is also a nightmare.

Whole thing is a nightmare.

They should have had everyone back and focused extra money on protecting vulnerable students and staff vs. doing it the other way around and nuking everyone's experience.


Re: 2020-2021 D3 hockey

Once Joe Biden wins perhaps this will change

Re: 2020-2021 D3 hockey

So true.

Re: 2020-2021 D3 hockey

All the plans seem to be based upon few students on campus for the fall but resume full in spring. OK so what will be different? There will be no vaccine. If you are making decisions for the fall based upon "medical evidence" then just state only seniors on campus and no sports until there is a vaccine. If you change the standard in the spring then all you are doing is screwing the kids for no reason.

I know of one HE school that plans on all students in the fall and sports to be played, mostly in-conference, but some out of conference where the logistics can work which seems to make sense. Young people are mildly affected by this and since it aint going away anytime soon, drop the puck.

Re: 2020-2021 D3 hockey

DIII has a better chance then DI of playing. How can D1 operate with out fans? DIII doesn't depend on ticket sales.

Re: 2020-2021 D3 hockey

Seeing as how most club teams have more people in the stands than D-III I'm pretty sure #'s in the stands mean nothing.