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Re: Rough time in CT for EShow teams at Battle of Boston

I'm fascinated with all the attention for the NAHL, and listening to parents who put down other leagues. The NAHL is only good for goalies, outside of that, if you go DI, then your pretty much aging out in that league, and looking to be a 3 or 4th liner with a college team. NAHL also has many kids who end up D3. It's interesting how much that league is talked about here on the DBoard
NAHL is pretty **** good hockey. It isn't the USHL, but it's probably better than any other amateur hockey in NA. That includes Junior A, outside of the BCHL.

Kids in the league,or kids on the cusp of that league, are pretty good players. Certainly capable of playing D-III, if they choose to go that route.

I'm with you, though, on why anybody puts down other leagues - NCDC, USPHL, EHL, whatever. Anybody that can play USPHL Premier and up is a pretty good player and probably works pretty hard at their game. NA3HL and USPHL Elite are a pretty decent step down, but they're hopefully rungs on the ladder, not the final destination.

Are they all going to play in college? No, other than club. Does that mean they shouldn't pursue it? Money aside, I don't see why anyone would suggest quitting the sport is the better alternative.

I'm fairly sure the people that put down other leagues fall into two categories - parents of kids that are playing at a higher level, which makes the absolutely despicable human beings, and parents whose kids aren't there yet, and don't know that light they see up ahead is a train headed in their direction.

I do know parents that probably aren't making the best financial decision in terms of what they are possibly foregoing. But, it's their money, and their choice, and I respect that.

As for my kid, he has worked super hard since he was 6 years old, has proven a LOT of people wrong along the way, and has passed by thousands of local kids whose games plateaued or weren't willing to put in the work. But, we also wouldn't let him forego his studies for hockey, he's in a great relationship that he invests time in, he has balance in his life, and choices for his future. I'm extremely proud of the young person he's become, and what he has done. Fortunately, I can afford to back his decisions, and I do. 100%.

Only a very small person can find fault with that.