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THE CURRENT RESTRICTIONS ON HOCKEY AND SPORTS IN GENERAL ARE INSANE. Sports are in full gear all over the country including Junior Tryout Camps who are all taking reasonable and necessary precautions but the sports go on. Not one single case of COVID has been traced to these events. Governor Baker is a fraud and a fake Republican. This dramatic government overreach needs to stop. Rink owners please file suit against the Commonwealth. Nearly every hockey parent will join as a plantiff in the action. COVID is indeed serious but the governor who has zero backbone (except when his son get accused of assault on a domestic flight) and has gone way too far in many areas including his absurd and arbitrary restrictions on sports and the new oppressive travel order. His illogical obsession with control is disgusting.

We gave up too many freedoms and privacy protections after 9/11 in a gross overreaction to that. We now live in an Orwellian state. It is up to individuals to protect themselves, be considerate of others and assume or take precaution against reasonable risk. It is a gross overreach of power and obsession with control that grips our government officials today and it needs to stop.

If you think they are doing a great job ask yourself why most governors failed miserably at protecting the most at risk populations in state run or regulated nursing homes - something they had a great degree of control over. Its because they did next to nothing right. If you have avoided COVID to date it has zero to do with what COVID Charlie has done. It is either due to the sensible precautions you have taken or in some cases it may be luck. He must be stopped. ACT NOW! And don't vote for this complete fraud again.
You're wound WAY too tight, and about a post away from giving yourself a stroke. Relax charlie, your Gov is doing his job, kids are playing hockey.