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Re: usphl ma hockey games

So do Junior teams (USPHL NCDC, Premier, Elite) have to wear face coverings? I see so many 1/2 shields with no masks on?

Re: usphl ma hockey games

They are supposed to but honestly during the game itself the bench is the only place that I care its enforced...breathing hard after a shift with someone sucking it in on either side of you. Skating on the ice is actually so little risk I could care less.

Re: usphl ma hockey games

You did need to sign in on a roster type form next to your kids name.

I doubt there were scouts at the game I was at but I would assume they were figuring out a way to get the scouts in - probably a stand alone form indicating what games you are going to.

Re: usphl ma hockey games

I'm sorry, but the only division scouts will be viewing is NCDC. NCDC is good hockey, but even so with covid it's so difficult to scout. I am so sorry for all the age outs this year, but hopefully there will be some type of a solution produced.