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Re: BCHL leaving CHL

Just so you have your facts straight, the BCHL is leaving the CJHL not the CHL. The CJHL and CHL are two completly different leagues.

In the CJHL you keep your college eligibility.
Yes, sorry. What effect will this have on kids looking at BCHL as an option next year.

Re: BCHL leaving CHL

Probably no impact provided they don’t change the way they treat players. I’m sure this is about money. They are the most successful Junior a league in Canada and I’m sure they feel they are giving to much away and getting to little in return.

Re: BCHL leaving CHL

Re: BCHL leaving CHL

BCHL will still be a great league to play in if your kid is 17-19, and wants to get a shot at D1 next year provided the border is open. USHL still best for this age and NAHL obviously for the 19-20 year olds. My guess is the import rules will change making the league stronger which could weaken the AJHL. Bottom line, if my kid gets a shot at the BCHL he takes it over the NCDC all day.