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Re: Another transfer...

Where does nephew of D1 head coach go now? Time to update the D1 prospect ranking list.

1) Ex-NHL player’s kid
2) Nephew of D1 Head Coach
3) Youth Hockey Director’s/Owners kid
4) 4’ 11” son of Youth Hockey Director’s/Owners kid.
5) player’s parent with deep pockets.
6) Friends/Family player of player whose parents have deep pockets.

I think that about completes the list. Any others?

Is the boy taking the Porsche with him to Arizona State?

Now that would make me jelly.

Re: Another transfer...

A quick look at the BC returning Dman and the incoming recruits, made this decision easy. He wasn\'t going to dress next year. Buckley told him and TL had to scramble for the best possible spot. TL wasn\'t happy. Should have played another year in USHL. 18 year undersized frosh dman generally don\'t play in HE..

Best thing for him is to forge his own path away from TL and make the best of it.(forward would be a much better position..) ASU should be a good fit.
For people that supposedly know the hockey landscape - how they didn't have the kid play at least another year of juniors was a massive mistake. If any kid needed another year or two to mature, get stronger it was this kid. Awful advice this kid got.
When your kid is playing for the first place junior team and the BC coach says we want you next season and you tell him. Nah. We need another year of juniors. Then you can spew your stupidity. Otherwise. Just stop.

Kid never dominated at his age group ?

Kid was the best kid on the ice every single game when he was playing three years up.

Kid was the only 15 year old invited to USA camp.

You are delusional and getting some bad information. Maybe put down the spiked blue kool aid.

Not going to rip the kid but there is so misinformation in your post its funny.

Just stop with the false narratives and just be honest.