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Re: NCDC vs Premier vs Elite Juniors

Depends on which team. The top national bound Elite teams are very competitive and full of good young players sometimes with no better option that season. Those teams would be competitive against many Premiere and NA3HL teams. Unfortunately most other Elite teams are filled with post high school kids just keeping the dream alive and the checkbooks flowing. So again, it depends on the team.

Re: NCDC vs Premier vs Elite Juniors

I understand what NCDC and Premier is, but can someone help me understand where Elite fits in? Is it truly a step below Premiere or a grab bag of kids just to make another team?
NCDC - bad, will send 99.9 percent of kids to play at d3 schools that recruit kids directly out of prep without junior.
Premier - very bad. Will send you to some of the worst schools in the country such as (insert state school here) or Becker College. Grow up.
Elite - you’re literally paying bills and have zero chance of playing hockey anywhere.