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Re: Ice Hockey is Doomed

Most public rinks close in the summer. But they are taxpayer funded and often lose money. Many private rinks stay open during the summer because they need the revenue. Hard to go three months with no revenue when you have loans on the real estate, building costs, etc.

And, yes, the war on energy will seriousluly damage or kill ice hockey.
Relax chicken little....the sky's not go back out and rake the leaves...:joy:

Re: Ice Hockey is Doomed

It speaks volumes whn you hurl insults instead of arguments.

Re: Ice Hockey is Doomed

This board has a large number of retarded posts, but this is the most retarded in my years of reading it.

Pick up a bottle or switch to some porn. It may cheer you up.

Re: Ice Hockey is Doomed

I don't think this post is that out there. Seems like electricity is a big issue.

I was at a rink recently that had a generator and the it cost the rink 7k a day just to run the one generator.

Perhaps rinks should consider solar panels at some point.

Curious why this post is 'retarded' and no I'm not even the OP. It costs a lot of money to run a rink period never mind run it well. I see posts of people complaining about puddles on ice and it being too cold. Wake up. These are all issues that have come to rise. We keep letting in illegal aliens and end up having to support them and can't even pay for our own electricity to run things.

Re: Ice Hockey is Doomed

Nothing wrong with OP. It raises a vaid question and is inspired by current events. People who are blinded to the truth and/or can't articulate a cogent counter OP's point resort to name-calling.

It's a last resort for the weak minded ... sor of like calling your political opponants racist.

Re: Ice Hockey is Doomed

Absent a sudden and radical shift in the current anti-oil, anti-nuclear, and anti-coal policies, ice hockey is doomed. Does anyone realistically think cooling ice rinks will be affordable with energy prices skyrocketing like they are? Does anyone realistically think wind and solar can provide enough juice for our basic societal needs AND luxuries like ice rinks? And what happens if they push everyone into EVs? That will be another massive drain on the energy grid that we currently have no way to support?

Even if ice rinks (many of which operate on slim margins) make it through this storm, the price of ice time will be unaffordable. And travel hockey will be all but gone because traveling to different cities to play will be exorbitantly expensive, and will be far too time consuming given the short range of EVs and time it takes to charge an EV on the road.

And the above thoughts don't even mention the historic inflation of the last two years, which keeps getting worse.

Ah, it's probably for the best. Ice hockey is a "white privilege" sport, anyway.

Good lord Hockey Parents are dumb.

Re: Ice Hockey is Doomed

Responding with insults instead of cogent arguments is a concession. If you had a case against OP's point, you would have made it.

Re: Ice Hockey is Doomed

I disagree. A good quality "point and laugh" can convey just as much as a well-articulated diatribe.

Sorry your debate got cut!