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Re: early tryouts?

squirt minor
I have an 06 and my Son's friend was on that team and what went on there was a shame

Re: early tryouts?

Well, it didn't take long before the crazy 06 coach made it back into the blog. It's unfortunate for the kids on his team that the parents fell for it or were not aware. My kid plays in the 06 division and it's always dreadful to think about playing them. They are the only team that seems to have not improved over the last couple of years. Can't imagine what it does to the kids to get beat down like that for every game. Not to mention, what it does to them to witness his behavior. It is noticeable from the stands so it's worse from the bench.

My son knows a kid that plays on that team - half of the team returned from last year (including my son's friend)! So the "parents fell for it or were not aware" angle doesn't really work. I assume most of them have fallen into the trap of thinking their kid is elite and realizing that they would be pushed down to Tier 1 at best anywhere else they tried to go. The kids that left went to Breakers, Kings and Knights and almost all play Tier 1 now. That team doesn't have a single elite player on the roster, they are a low level tier 1 team at best, possibly AA. I do agree though that the crazy guy should be banned from youth hockey for life - he is destroying whatever limited talent he may have had on that team and he's apparently a bag of ****.