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Re: 02 Kings Breakup?

Are the rumors true that the Kings are cutting kids already and building a super elite team next year made up of the best players in the EHF? Is it true that players are being notified by a generic email? A bit harsh if true.

Feel better now that you think you got things stirred up?

Re: 02 Kings Breakup?

Trying to re-build the Kingdom!

So is the generic email true? Who got one? Care to share?

Re: 02 Kings Breakup?

Everyone breaks up at this age. Next year is a different beast for these kids.Some kids off to HS others to Prep. If you have an 02 you are looking at split season teams that make sense for you. Kiddie hockey ends and now you need to get ready for HS. Some kids will opt for the full season teams because they are in 8th grade or repeating as HS Freshmen.

Re: 02 Kings Breakup?

Typical cutthroat city over there in the kingdom.... Little do they know people are fleeing at every level

Re: 02 Kings Breakup?

Rumor has it a fair amount of defections for next year.