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Re: Rink with the best food -

The rink with the best food? What kind of question is that? It reminds me of a routine Chris Rock had a few years back about guys that eat at strip clubs.

You know those guys that eat at the strip club? Eat at the buffet. How the fu_ck could you eat at a nasty-a$$ strip club? Are you that hungry? Motherf#cker, go to Mickey D's or some sh@t. Rwandan refugees won't eat that sh@t. At a **** strip club. Ti_tties and Tater Tots don't mix.

Re: Rink with the best food -

Top Gun / Icecenter.. no question.. too bad the teams and parents sux.. lol

Re: Rink with the best food -

Let's hear it...

Mikes pizza at sportsplex terriers.