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Re: Help - Which Organization?

Highly doubtful any of these three teams have spots on their elite teams. They are probably looking for tier 1 or select kids.

Simple, respond to the coach ask if your kid can come to a practice. Make a decision based on the coach. You have 1 year left of youth hockey.

This guy is on point.. check out the coaches and go from there. Top Gun has been down lately so you could have a chance to get on the elite team, however, be aware they have 3 wins this year BUT you do get to play the best competition. I am sure both programs have spots on the Tier 1 team since this is a big year for kids going 1/2 year and such.

Good luck!

Re: Help - Which Organization?

what position?

Re: Help - Which Organization?

The OP is one dedicated and wired dad. This dboard, pertaining to New England youth hockey only, came online last month yet this dad finds it and asks all the right questions about leagues and teams. I salute you sir!

Re: Help - Which Organization?

Good work and this is definetly an improved version. Knuckleheads move on!

Re: Help - Which Organization?

Thanks for the suggestions from those of you with some logic.

To clarify - no one "heard about" my son in PA. - We came here a few months ago and have been asking questions that's all.

More specifically - heard about this site about 4 days ago from another Dad at the rink (although he gave me the caveats).

I agree w/ poster about the coaches - my initial impression is most of the orgs provide decent comp and comparable skills, so focusing on a good coach seems the best bet.

Thanks again.

Re: Help - Which Organization?

who did he play for in PA? What level?