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Re: EHF play-in teams

Look at the standings. At most age groups there are teams with 80 - 90+% winning percentages in tier 1 and a couple teams at 0 - 15% winning in the elite division. Have the non-playoff ehf teams (outside the top 8) have a play-in tournament with either top 2 or top 4 from tier 1. Would create better competition and parity in both divisions. In the E9 you're ignoring the 3 BHL teams that have to play-in at every level, not just the VJW 02 and 03 select teams. I'm sure the Minutemen, Islanders and Terriers could get at least 1 of there select teams moved up as well as the Vipers, Northstars, Bulldogs, etc.

Re: EHF play-in teams

EHF is not considering this. They said that they would do this a few years back when the Northeast Hockey League folded and the teams all went to EHF but they basically made it impossible to get into the elite level. Since then they don't even pretend to do it. You are either one of the "Elite" programs or the best you can get into is the top tier 1 division. I guess they think the system works and are sticking with it because they let all those HNE teams walk and didn't budge.

Re: EHF play-in teams

Would EHF care if all organizations that are excluded from the elite division banded together, however unlikely, and left for the BHL so they at least had the opportunity to play into the E9? Why would stronger EHF programs let their product not be the best it can be, so that it could remain the best? Wouldn't elite organizations that had select teams that could potentially move up, be up for the change?