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Youth Hockey
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Re: U14 Full season

Caps looking for town c players to play on their elite team.

Re: U14 Full season

For RI Caps best option. In Mass look into SSK or Flames.

Re: U14 Full season

BA was a really good option, not sure if it still is but they will play Prep Showcases, top local tournaments and then the kid can find his way onto their summer college combine to play in front of college coaches. If the kid is at the top end of his age group he can then look at their Tier I U16 team which is the best hockey in the country at the U16 age. Groups like SSK also have USPHL U16 full season but the hockey isn't that great.

Re: U14 Full season

SSK and Flames already have their rosters all sewn up - I do hear Caps are still looking for a couple more additions - better move quick. Contact Coach for a look before tryouts is your best option.

Re: U14 Full season

95 Giants starting in Attleboro this year coach by Joe Lovell

Re: U14 Full season

Rinks won't be ready and lovell at the U 14 levels awful everyone makes the team