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Re: 95 Giants

Thanks Joe. Program not happening. Not enough numbers to draw from, rink not opening until November, even the Lovell money grabbers realize it will be a flop just like the Knights....

Re: 95 Giants

It will get going at other rinks until the project is done. However, any parent seriously considering 95 against should take a look at how their other programs have fared after Lovell built up Advantage. They poured their heart and soul into Adv and the results showed. They are now duping parents into playing elite hockey and the teams are not close to what Adv once was. Even good players drawn to Lovell's other programs have left. Lovell should fix the Knights before starting up another program

Re: 95 Giants

Per JL it ain't taking flight this year. They are using it as a bait to draw more kids to the Knights tryouts

Re: 95 Giants

All of these parents complaining that the teams are watered down, geez there are only so many marginal kids available. Watching Town Hockey these days must be a real treat.

Re: 95 Giants

Listen, my kid is an 85 pound Bantam. He doesn't skate very well but he has tremendous vision of the ice. Our idiot coach just doesn't see it.