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Re: Vipers


I see several "typos" that I'm willing to bet are auto correct. People who point out grammar and spelling are about as original as "sorry your kid got cut" Neither mean a whole lot but I do get what the poster is trying to say and it's pretty spot on. Vipers are fine. Bandits are fine, all of the merging RI teams are fine if your kid fit's into the team. If your kid is heading to the NHL, which most, aren't, they will find their way onto the right team. Otherwise, let them play and have fun. I will apologize in advance for any misspelled words or grammar mistakes to save you the time from having to make a pointless post and waste your time and everyone else who clicks to see the new response

It does matter. The source of information matters, and I'm sure you filter out information you hear from dummies that can't speak the English language properly when you are having a face-to-face conversation. The same applies here. Your opinion is taken less seriously if you don't take the time to edit your post, or if you are incapable of putting together a coherent post.

Actually, when I read the poster's comment I knew he wasn't referring to what was occurring outside due to the context of his posting so either his device autocorrected or he can't spell. In either case I got his point and his grammar did not confuse me or cause him to not get his point across. Must have been difficult for you though 😜