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Re: Most Respected EHF program?

The Stitch
Which is the most respected EHF program and why?

1) Terriers
2) Kings
3) Islanders
4) Capitals
5) Top Gun
6) Eagles
7) Breakers
8) Bandits
9) Flames
10) Falcons

Really one of the most worthless posts. Soon we will have s whole host of posting about every program sucking except where the poster has a kid posting. Every program who had cut s kid sucks. Every program not with every program in 1st place suck. Get where I am going here?

Your kid must have gotten cut a lot. Like many times! Probably will be cut again soon...

Actually never cut snd already set for next year but thanks. My point is, to list every program in the EHF, you are not looking for advice on where to send your kid as we know no one is considering changing from CT to NH, therefore it was meant to get things going do the OP was bored, has no life, wants to stir things up, whatever. But that is clear

Re: Most Respected EHF program?

Everyone is or will be all set for next year. Just go back to town and play tag at the end of practice. Sorry your kid is not good enough. CUT!