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Well I use to hear about it but now I know its true! ALL hockey parents are crazy, yes including me! I have graduated to the big boy board and after reading lately about parents picking on 08's and 09's I realize none of it matters and you are all crazy.
This is my top 10 suggestions to you of my youth experience.

#1 Get your kid out of town after mites
#2 Most select teams in the fed tier 1 and BHL American are better than town
#3 The top 3 elite teams are true elite's, the others have 3/5 elite players on them , the rest are select players
#4 Over the next few years it will become more apparent that most High school teams in a select club area will have 1/3 town players on it and they wont play( Goes back to # 1 )all the rest will be club. Don't believe me watch a middle school game!
#5 All prep schools will have club only , no town kid will ever make it
#6 Go to lake placid and enjoy yourself (sorry Vipers you are not allowed anymore)
#7 Parents that put the skates away ALL summer will be the ones complaining that little Johnny is falling behind and that the coach sucks! They must do some skills in the summer if you want them to keep up. PVP , Dynamic, Max skills the best
#8 When you find a good coach and your little superstar is enjoying the game and getting better every year stay with him!
#9 When your in the stand or at the glass and someone is ******** about playing time mention to them about #7 and move away from them
#10 enjoy it it goes fast

Re: Graduation

All prep are select only now and all good Catholics are all select only. Top D-1 publics are at least 85% select kids and the 15% rarely see the ice....other than that, you're right on.

Re: Graduation

Nice list.agree with 7-10.Gotta put the work in but most importantly the kid has to want to put the work in.