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Re: Boston Junior Whalers

They play in some pretty good tournaments and always seem to be seeded in the highest bracket due to their past rosters. If the kid wants to get looks from preps / jr.s and college coaches it's as good of a team as any. If the kid wants to work on his wake boarding then he should take the summer off from hockey.

Also if you want to have your son in the same lockeroom than an hangover coach at 10am in the mroning telling story about the 2 underage girls that he bang the night before...go for it.. It is your son.

Re: Boston Junior Whalers

My kids have played in the past. The coach is young. Who hasn't been hungover in your 20's on a weekend morning? Visit the bar at the Toronto Airport Marriott on a tournament weekend. Every coach is there until all hours of the night. The rest of this story is made up by the jealous owner of some other pathetic, underperforming organization trying to make a name for themself.

Most of the teams are good. It really depends who is putting the team together. Their teams are always in the top bracket and perform well. So well, in fact, that the NAPS Beantown (cough Jr Bruins cough) won't let them in because they keep outperforming their teams. The Jr Whalers are one of many teams in the area. They are definitely on the upper end of the spring team spectrum for the area. They are also still a lot less expensive than some other teams out there.