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Re: 95 Giants

Spoke with a hockey dad who will be coaching one of their elite teams. Guy is a nice guy and can hardly skate. Maybe he's a great coach but it's not very inspiring watching him skate. He told me that he is being told that practices will be in Raynham next Fall but they are optimistic about the ring getting done in November. You have to have a big set of stones to sign onto this program or just desperate.

How good of a skater do you think Claude Julian is? I would be be cautious with any start up program but if you are leaving a bad situation, just think, could it be any worse where you came from? If not, probably fine, but teams are filling up and that may be some players only options who want to leave current situations. Lovell does not run a bad program. If you are used to the EHF it is just different

Re: 95 Giants

Claude Julien played in the NHL for the Nordiques, so I guess he can skate pretty well.

Re: 95 Giants

By day gone by standards I'm sure he skated well. Today's Peewees would give NHL'ers of Claude's generation a game.

Re: 95 Giants

Its a Audi, get it right they

Re: 95 Giants

I smell a Crimson like situation. heck, that new Jr Huskies may be a better option at this home rink, owners hyping the growth of the program....stay clear.