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Re: 5K for U14 really Cyclones

They are telling everyone they will be in the Tier 1 Elite League. This is far from a done deal from what I am hearing. The addition to the Tier 1 league is probably going a few more miles northeast. Buyer beware. Get that stipulation written into the contract before you sign. $5000 for EJEPL is too much, especially when they collect all of your gear, jerseys, and bags at the end of the season. If they are recycling these for next year, the program should cost $1500.

Re: 5K for U14 really Cyclones

They are listed in the U15 Elite tier 1 bracket in My Hockey Rankings. They do a considerable amount of travel. Three to four times to CT, three times to PA/NJ. Trips out west. They play some good teams. But the 5K is steep, not as steep as their U16 AAA and AA teams. 8K. They use this money to pay the coaching staff. A buyer beware with the full season. the second half is slim when it comes to games they scrape together scrimmages. Communication is poor as they go through your player, so you need to make sure your son is responsible and disseminates the information to you otherwise you have no idea when the games or practices are.