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Re: 03 Fed moves

SSK losing a few more...what's going on in "the Kingdom"?

Re: 03 Fed moves

Kingdom a thing of the past.

Re: 03 Fed moves

After PW Major year, no reason to put up with any BS or drive 50 miles to get to practice chasing that Q bid. So yeah, I'm sure lots of movement.

Re: 03 Fed moves

Top Gun losing Big D to U14
Caps losing at least 5
Breakers and Terriers losing best players to Eagles
Islanders will be only team to compete with Eagles
Kings losing players
Flames taking a few Caps
Falcoms losing some to Flames and CT hockey
Bandits are the bandits

With all this turnover, other than the Eagles and Islanders, rest of the league should be competitive?

Re: 03 Fed moves

What changes are the Islanders makeing that they will be the only team to compete with the Eagles?

Re: 03 Fed moves

Islanders dropping a few bottom players but staying in tact for the most part